The salesperson is at the gates of every business in the world. They are the ones who turn strangers into customers. Every industry has its standards about what makes a great salesperson, but it usually entails a wealth of knowledge about their product, a friendly attitude, and an ability to close the gap.

The sale of cannabis is unique, in the sense that it can be considered medicine or recreation, but the salesperson is equally as important. They need to be knowledgeable, compassionate and educate their customers before they can make a choice.

There are a lot of people out there who think they have what it takes to be a budtender, but the truth is there is a lot to know before someone is capable of properly selling cannabis to patients or adults over 21.

That is why we’ve compiled this list of the 4 top reasons to get BudTender sales training for your dispensary.

1) People who buy the wrong product are less likely to be loyal return customers

A trained budtender is capable of building a relationship with the customer and finding out what specifically they are looking for. It’s not as easy as simply recommending the product with the highest THC content, not everyone is looking to get really high.

For example, let’s say a customer comes in and is looking for a simple gram of cannabis. It’s what they usually buy and they think it works pretty well for them. Upon further investigation, you find out that this person is a medical patient with epilepsy and uses cannabis to stop themselves from having seizures. They only use a very tiny amount each dosage because they don’t necessarily like the feeling of being too intoxicated.

In this instance, the budtender should be able to determine that the customer is plainly buying the wrong thing for themselves. In a very friendly and non-pushy way, they should be able to explain that a CBD product would better suit their needs. Not only would it prevent the patient from having seizures better than a THC product, but would not intoxicate them.

The customer was probably walking into whatever dispensary was most convenient for them at the time. But after experiencing the benefits of a new product that is specifically tailored to their needs, they are more likely to return and feel loyal to that dispensary.

The BudTender training modules cover extensively the science behind cannabis and give salespersons the information they need to make the proper recommendations. It’s about listening to your customers and building a rapport to better ascertain their needs.

2) Cannabis salespersons can be compassionate and up-sell at the same time

The BudTender sales training gives salespersons in the cannabis space the tools they need to be effective at moving product. Of course, the goal in business is to generate sales and return a profit, so skilled salespersons need to know what they can offer.

Let’s say a customer walks into the dispensary, and they are interested in their favourite high THC cannabis, blue dream. It’s their favourite because they like the flavour, smell, and the effects they get from it. This person considers themselves a little bit of a connoisseur and is knowledgeable enough.

The Budtender should recognize that this person knows what they want, but might make a few other choices if presented with options. They certainly can help the customer get some of their favourite cannabis, but they make them aware of any deals the dispensary offers.

In this instance, the budtender could say, “absolutely we can help you out with that, but if you are also interested we are offering vaporizers filled with blue dream concentrate right now for buy one, get the second one half off.”

The customer will appreciate the fact that the budtender tried to help them out with something they know they like and they will save money in the long term.

The BudTender sales training modules cover extensively how to properly up-sell to potential customers. By building that rapport, and then helping them save money, customers will love coming back to your dispensary. Helping customers save some money, and driving sales in the long term are what a great budtender does.

3) Even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs need guidance

It might be fairly obvious that there is an extremely broad wealth of cannabis products out there. It’s impossible to keep tabs on all that is happening in the industry. And as customers, people are looking to their budtenders to guide them.

A customer might be seasoned in their favourite flower, but without the knowledge of a trained budtender, they won’t know the benefits of other products that are out there.

Remember that just a few years ago, concentrates like wax and shatter were brand new and customers needed to be introduced to them. As new products come out, the budtenders of the world should be here to bridge the gap between cannabis users and innovation.

Because customers will always gravitate to what they know, they need to be shown that new products are here for a good reason.

Say you have a customer who loves flower, specifically they love purple kush, and they come into the dispensary looking for a simple eighth. They let their budtender know that they enjoy the high they get from this particular strain but have no experience with concentrates such as wax or shatter.

The budtender should be able to explain to them about those products and why they are so great.

BudTender sales training versus participants in all products available on the market today, and teaches them about spotting opportunities to sell new products. Every customer represents multiple opportunities to sell different products, whether it’s their favourite or something new to your shelves.

4) Medical cannabis patients have specific needs and need specific products

For some people, their introduction to cannabis happened because of a medical situation. Whether their doctor referred it to them, or they sought it out after alternatives were not working, some customers come into the dispensary with zero knowledge.

That’s why budtenders need to have training that will help them guide the newcomers. One strain might work for one type of medical condition, while it would not be effective for others. It comes down to the science behind the plant, it’s cultivation and terpene content.
New patients are looking to their budtenders to recommend products that will alleviate their symptoms, and for this a specific knowledge of strains and terpenes is necessary. Trained budtenders know not to offer a sativa to someone who is looking for a sleeping aid, and they know the difference between a patient who needs a high THC product and one who needs CBD.

First, the budtender must be compassionate in their approach, understand the needs of the patient, and make recommendations based on product knowledge. All are cornerstones of the BudTender sales training.

Of course, it’s as cannabis science progresses, the wealth of knowledge expands and budtenders need to be aware. But its core, cannabis sales training brings budtenders up to par with industry standards.

Having knowledgeable, compassionate, and trust worthy sales people running your cannabis business is crucial in today’s industry. If your cannabis business is going to be credible and viable, training your employees is important. It is of the utmost importance that your dispensary experience is a pleasant one that retains customers and it all starts with having cannabis specifically trained employees.