We live in a fast-paced world. Everything moves at the speed of light. Nowhere is this truer than in the business world. Whether you run a small business or a large one, you’ll have first-hand experience of this. The world of retail is where this all takes place, with customers coming in to purchase, and employees ready to serve them. But as we’ve seen in the cannabis industry, at the onset of newly minted medical or recreational markets, long lines are prevalent and impact the customer service experience negatively. This, coupled with the fact that some customers need to talk to their budtender for a length of time before making a decision to purchase, makes for a traffic jam at the cash register.

Every cannabis retail location has a number of tools at their disposal to best know their customer, but one they certainly should not go without is a tool that allows their patients/customers to order in advance and skip lines. Let’s face it, there are customers who don’t know what they want and need guidance, and then there’s the other camp of cannabis customers who’d definitely know what they need. Allowing the latter group to by-pass the long lines by avoiding the sales process is key to their satisfaction.

So for any dispensary owner/operator, we’ve highlighted four reasons every dispensary needs a mobile ordering tool that allows you to line skip.

1 – Give your customers the convenience to order on the go

Pretty much anywhere someone can access the internet is good to go for making mobile orders. And in this day and age, that means anywhere they have their phone.

People are busy and typically cannabis consumers visit the dispensary after work, around the hours of 6 to 7 pm. This is rush hour when the cannabis retail location is at it’s most packed. With mobile ordering, customers have the ability to order from their workstation, or in transit, and it will be ready for them right away when they arrive at the dispensary. Additionally, because they don’t have to speak to a budtender this frees up employees to deal with the customers that do need help. With the BudTender mobile application, stopping by the dispensary is now just a quick stopover on the way home.

To pick up their cannabis, customers barely have to break their stride. They can be in and out of the dispensary in minutes.

Additionally, by having mobile ordering, customers can peruse your menus and decide on what they want based on what’s available. This is really key for customers who are experienced with cannabis and want to know what you offer before they get into the store.

2 – Keep your customers informed of their orders

Real-time order tracking in the mobile ordering application allows customers to view when their order is ready. This makes for no time wasted by either party. The dispensary can prepare the orders while customers roll in when they have viewed it’s ready. Efficient transactions like these are at the base of the mobile ordering application. No one wastes time.

And you’ll alleviate retail congestion by up to 50 per cent when your customers know they can order in advance and skip the line once they are in store. Getting customers in, and out, is key to keeping your pace of business up. The number of transactions your dispensary can do in an hour will jump significantly and will rise in tandem with customer satisfaction.

3 – Become aware of problems as they arise

Sometimes things don’t work out. Perhaps you’ve run out of product, or suspicious selling behaviour is happening at your dispensary location. Real-time feedback allows you to see issues with orders as they arise. The mobile ordering application is designed to flag suspicious behaviour and rejections.

Say one of your budtenders never has any rejections but your point of sale system indicates that they are making a lot of sales. You could look over their transactions through the application and assess whether or not they are involved in any illegal activity, i.e. serving customers who are underage or have surpassed their allowed limits.

4 – Make your customers aware

By accepting mobile orders not only will you relieve retail congestion, enhance customer satisfaction, and automate the sales process, but you’ll be easily able to push notifications of new products or specials to your consumers. They’ll be able to make orders right away when their favourite product comes into your dispensary, or jump on the bandwagon when a sale is going on.

By keeping them informed of what’s in stock, customers can make educated decisions about, and when they’d like to buy a certain product. The mobile ordering application will act as a sales representative of sorts, notifying them when what they want is available. Because people who would choose mobile ordering over the traditional sales rep experience still need to be made aware of what is out there.

Keeping your customers informed is part and parcel of keeping them happy. If you have customers that always want to try something new, then they will be the first ones to know by using the mobile ordering application.

A mobile ordering application that allows customers to be in and out of the dispensary in a few minutes flat is the key to efficient transactions, relieving retail congestion, enhancing customer satisfaction, and improving the sales process. If you implement this technology your dispensary will operate like a well-oiled machine. Customers who want expediency will get it, and your employees can spend more time on those who need guidance.