Operating a dispensary is tricky business. Some people are very opinionated about their cannabis, others need help and guidance to buy the right product. The experiences they are offered vary from dispensary to dispensary, but the purchasing experience should always be a pleasant one.

As a dispensary owner/operator keeping in touch with what your customers think about your specific buying experience is crucial to success. In many places with medical or recreational cannabis laws, the competition is fierce. So communicating with your customers is the first step in getting a leg up.

There are quite a few tools that dispensaries can use to gauge the success of their customer journey. But there are a few methods which stand above the rest in terms of eliciting a positive response.

That is why we’ve compiled this list of the four best reasons to have a customer feedback platform for your cannabis business.

1) Improve your product or service in a competitive market

Let’s just say that the method you’ve chosen to get your customer feedback, is through SMS surveys. This allows you to ask your customers the right questions about their buying journey. Simple, easy to reply to text messages go right to their phone and garner responses much higher than with email campaigns. The results will give you insight into your customers, what they like, and what they don’t like about the experience you provided.

With the information gathered from your customers, you will have actionable insights into your dispensary. This allows you to build on your business and create logical next steps to improving. As earlier mentioned, the market can be quite competitive and securing long-term customers is key to building a stronger reputation.

2) Analyze your customer journey, identify weaknesses

The information you gather from doing customer feedback surveys will give a clear look at the buyer’s journey. Is there one particular aspect that needs work? Is there an employee that is not doing their job? Is there a kink in the sales process? Do customers want to be served faster? The results of an SMS survey will help you base your next strategies on factual data and will help you assess your customer journey.

From the time that the customer finds out about your business until the time they walk out of the store with some of your products should be a carefully cultivated experience designed to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

By asking the right questions you can identify the touch points that are causing your business problems. Reinforcing this customer connection is pivotal in creating brand ambassadors who love doing their shopping at your location.

3) Focus on managing your business while a system does the customer feedback heavy lifting

Dispensaries are busy places, and they require a lot of attentiveness to run. There is much to do, but by having a customer feedback platform, with fully functioning interactive dashboard that you can log into, will free up your time to manage your location. Surveys will go out when the customers leave your dispensary and come back with vital information that you can check as often as you want.

This will give you ample time to analyze and understand the customer and your business needs, where resources should be allocated, and where employees should focus their efforts.

Specifically, the BudTender customer feedback platform is a fully managed system. You can take a hands-off approach while valuable customer insights roll in and congregate in your dashboard.

4) Increase your customer retention/reinforce customer connection

When your customers know that you care about them, they care right back about doing business with you. Additionally, by identifying your customer’s pain points, you can stop problems before they persist in losing you business. When you base your strategies and plans on factual data you will constantly improve, building a stronger reputation, and increasing your retention. By connecting with your customers you let them know you care about their experience and are constantly looking to improve.

The average cannabis consumer has high expectations for their dispensary of choice so it simply must be part of your business to get their opinion. Having an accurate account of what your customers think of you will be the next step in making sure they return, again and again.

Remember that keeping your finger on the pulse of your business starts with knowing what your customers think of you. Sure revenue is a good indicator of how your business is doing, but how your customers feel about you is the key metric in running a successful business.

If you feel you have room to improve, want to base your next steps on factual data, build a stronger relationship with your customers, and increase retention. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re more than glad to walk you through the BudTender customer feedback platform and explain further why it’s the right choice for your business.