Understand Your Customers Needs and Drive Loyalty


BudTender seamlessly integrates with leading POS, CRM, Delivery, and E-Commerce Platforms

Surveys are sent within 24-hours of the customer checking-in or making their purchase

Data is collected and displayed in an easy to use dashboard, as well monthly reports are provided


Fully Managed System

Focus on your business while we improve your customers experience 

Actionable Data

Monthly reports are provided to enable data backed decision making

Seamless Integration

BudTender seamlessly integrates with leading POS, CRM, Delivery, and E-Commerce platforms

Interactive Dashboard

View, analyze, and act upon customer and business needs in real-time

SMS Surveys

97% of SMS messages we send are opened in less than a minute 

24/7 Customer Support

BudTender customer support is on call 24/7 to service any needs



Understand Your Customers

Interacting with your customers post-sale is the best way to understand their entire experience 

Make Strategic Decisions

Decision making has never been so easy using real-verified customer feedback and reviews 

Improve Service & Products

By collecting customer feedback you’ll be able to easily identify service and product gaps 

Competitive Advantage

It’s proven that giving a customer a superior experience means they will buy more, be more loyal, and are more likely to recommend to friends

Boost Customer Connection

Sending SMS surveys to your customers allows you to dramatically increase retention  

Increase Loyalty

Identify happy customers and make them brand ambassadors, while identifying unsatisfied customers and make them happy!

Increase Sales Performance

A satisfied customer is 14x more valuable to a business compared to an unhappy customer

Competitive Differentiation

There is tremendous opportunity to disrupt competitors and gain market share by delivering an exceptional customer experience 

What Our Customers Say

 BudTender provided my business with a better understanding of our customer base and how to provide an extra level of service. Their platform was seamless when it came to integrating with our loyalty points program springbig. ” – Andrew Benton, General Manager