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UK: CBD Sales Double in One Year

While cannabis politics are taking off in North America, what is everyone saying across the pond? They have made no announcements that medical, or recreational cannabis is any closer to happening for them. With one huge exception. They have reclassified cannabidiol, CBD, as an actual medicine. For those who don’t Read more…

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Trichomes: The Good Stuff

Chances are back in the day you noticed something on your cannabis and had no clue what it was. Then you became more experienced and realized these were the plant’s trichomes. A very important aspect of the plant that gives you that unique experience you seek when consuming cannabis. Simply Read more…

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A Cannabis Discussion: India

With a rich and ancient culture, India is one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Their history is intertwined with cannabis, as the term indica is said to be derived from India and the substance grows readily all over the country. In fact, in some places in India, cannabis grows Read more…