BudTender is the cannabis industry-leading customer experience platform, focused on improving the customer journey. The platform features customer experience software, which allows dispensaries and licensed producers to interact with customers post purchase and learn about their entire experience. The BudTender platform is trusted by dispensaries in five US states as well as Canada. 

Customer Feedback



“BudTender has provided my business with a better understanding of our customer base and how to provide an extra level of customer service. The reports they provide at the end of each month are detailed and customized for our specific needs. BudTender has a great grasp on the types of survey’s and questions to use in order to pull out the most useful information from the customer base. Moreover, BudTender was extremely accommodating to our every need and request. They made every process simple and painless while maintaining excellent communication throughout our time working together. I truly appreciate the team at BudTender and their dedication to providing above and beyond customer service.” – Andrew Benton, General Manager


Bad Experience

82% of customers won’t return after having a bad experience 

Happy Customer

A happy customer generates 14x more revenue than a customer who has had a poor experience 


Strategic Decisions

Decision making has never been so easy using real-verified customer feedback and reviews 

Competitive Edge

It’s proven that giving a customer a superior experience, means they will buy more, be more loyal, and are more likely to recommend to friends

Increase Loyalty

Identify happy customers and make them brand ambassadors, while identifying unsatisfied customers and make them happy!


There is a tremendous opportunity to disrupt competitors and gain market share by delivering an exceptional customer experience 

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